Good news, bad news -

Good news, bad news

Industry veteran Jim Turley has agreed to take the helm at Embedded Systems Programming . Learn all the details here.

There's been quite a stir around Embedded Central of late, which translates into a good news, bad news story. First the bad news: after five years, Michael Barr is leaving his position on the staff of Embedded Systems Programming . He intends to spend time with his new son Vikram and launch an engineering consulting business. Five years ago we plucked Michael from the engineering ranks and installed him as technical editor. Later as my responsibilities changed, I promoted him to editor in chief. He has served admirably in both roles. Now he is ready to go back to his first love: engineering.

Fortunately we didn't have to look far to find an eminently qualified replacement. So here's the good news part: Jim Turley has consented to take over the magazine. Jim is an acknowledged authority on microprocessors, semiconductor intellectual property, computers, and silicon technology. He's a long-time contributor to Embedded Systems Programming with his “Significant Bits” column, in which he concentrates on embedded processors. He is a popular speaker and panel moderator at Embedded Systems Conferences and serves as a member of the conference advisory board.

Jim has written seven books, including The Essential Guide to Semiconductors and was the embedded processor editor for the Microprocessor Report . His experience includes senior executive management of a global semiconductor IP corporation, three high-tech acquisitions, and a successful IPO. Jim has also sat on several technical advisory boards for high-tech companies in the U.S. and Europe.

Jim won't just be heading up Embedded Systems Programming . He'll also be involved with its dedicated Web site,, and the Embedded Systems Conferences, all of which cover the key issues and best practices for defining systems, selecting critical hardware and software components, building systems, and integrating hardware and firmware designs.

Jim is an excellent fit for our embedded group. He brings vast knowledge, excellent writing and editing skills, and a dynamic personality. Best of all, he is a familiar and respected name to conference attendees and magazine and website readers. We're delighted that he has agreed to take on the Embedded Systems Programming responsibility. He welcomes contact, so feel free to call or e-mail him. His contact information is in the masthead.

While we regret Michael Barr's departure from the editorial staff, he will continue to serve as consulting technical editor, as a speaker at the Embedded Systems Conferences, and as a member of the Embedded Systems Conference advisory board.

So the bad news isn't too terribly bad after all.

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