Google exec to take part in Oxford Silicon Valley forum -

Google exec to take part in Oxford Silicon Valley forum


LONDON — Some leading Silicon Valley pioneers in 'mass collaboration' will come together at the Saïd Business School for Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford 2006 Forum on November 20.

Mass collaboration is the profusion of new software and businesses aimed at college students and commercial businesses to enable people to work online together.

The forum will examine the importance of open source software and web sites – from Openoffice to Wikipedia and Firefox; the rise of networked functionality, e.g. word processing on the internet with multiple authors on the same document or games such as Second Life; and the focus for the emerging mass collaboration software on college students initially as a proving ground before moving on to commercial products.

Speakers will include Matt Cohler, VP strategy & business operations, Facebook, Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn, Christopher Sacca, head of special initiatives, Google, and Alex Welch, CEO of Photobucket.

Other entrenopreurs lined up to speak include Bob Goodson, director business development,, Allen Morgan, managing director, Mayfield and Villy Vang, president and CEO, Baycat.

Now in its 6th year, Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford, attracts an audience of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and innovators.

A new feature at this year's event is Innovation in The Garage which is inspired by the many Silicon Valley companies that were started in a garage, including HP, Google, and Apple. The School will create its own garage for the Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford event where a creative hothouse with innovation and creativity workshops will be run by Bamboo – a creative consultancy and part of Synectics.

The program starts with a lunch time speaker panel discussion and is followed by Master Classes and Garagesessions with another panel discussion at 6:30pm

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