Google ramping up in chip design? -

Google ramping up in chip design?


SAN FRANCISCO — At a panel at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), veteran venture capitalist John Doerr said, “at some point in time Facebook will work on proprietary silicon, I know for a fact Google is.”

The same day, another veteran chip designer at ISSCC told EE Times he knows at least two or three circuit designers Google has hired over the last year or so.

A key engineer behind the Hewlett-Packard Moonshoot server moved to Google six months ago. Partha Ranganathan “is currently at Google designing their next-generation systems,” according to his website. He worked at HP on systems that can accommodate a wide range of Xeon, Atom, and ARM processors.

Google is exploring whether or not to design its own ARM server chip, according to a Bloomberg report from December based on a single source. The search giant has not made a decision on the project yet, the report said, noting a job posting for a hardware engineer updated in December.

More evidence of Google's intentions can be found on its online job postings.

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