Google Releases Java-based App Inventor -

Google Releases Java-based App Inventor

Mountain View, Ca. – Google Labs has a new tool, called App Inventor, designed to make it easy for make it easy for anyone — programmers and non-programmers, professionals and students — to create mobile applications for Android-powered devices.

Instead of writing code, the open-source based App Inventor allows a user to visually design the way the app looks and use “blocks” to specify the app's behavior. Blocks are available for storing information, repeating actions, and performing actions under certain conditions; for example blocks that talk to services like Twitter.

The blocks editor uses the Open Blocks Java library for creating visual blocks programming languages. Open Blocks is distributed by MIT and is closely related to the Scratch programming language, another MIT Media Lab project.

The compiler that translates the visual blocks language for implementation on Android uses the Kawa Language Framework, a framework written in Java forimplementing high-level and dynamic languages and compiling them into Javabytecodes, and Kawa's dialect of the Scheme programming language, developed byPer Bothner and distributed as part of the Gnu Operating System by the FreeSoftware Foundation.

To learn more, go to the Google Lab’s App Inventor Page.

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