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Pablo Bleyer Kocik recently emailed an interesting note about GoogleTrends, a tool I was not familiar with. It displays graphs showingthe number of searches made on various keywords. The results are prettyinteresting. Consider the keyword “embedded “:

Or “FPGA “:

And “Firmware “:

Do Google searches somehow mirror the society we live in? Can wemonitor the flow of memes by searching the searches? Does the declinein searches on embedded topics reflect a slackening of interest in thesubject? Could that decline be related to a maturing of the market? Ifso, one would expect rising interest in hot topics like “quantum computing “:

which looks almost quantized itself.

The “iTunes “meme continues to spread:

Results for critically important topics like “Lindsey Lohan “spike at times, probably heavily correlated with rehab sessions:

Britney Spears 'star appears in decline, except when she implodes:

I'm not discouraged that the public is far more concerned aboutcelebrities than firmware. And it's totally appropriate that theproducts we create – the iTunes, iPhones, and Crackberries – garnermoreuser mind-share than their enabling technologies. After all,engineering is about building products that people want, need and use,and is not an end in itself.

But I sure wonder why searches for embedded, FPGA and firmware havebeen in such steady decline. Any ideas?

Jack G. Ganssle is a lecturer and consultant on embeddeddevelopment issues. He conducts seminars on embedded systems and helpscompanies with their embedded challenges. Contact him at . His website is .

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