GPRS service added to TDC offering -

GPRS service added to TDC offering

LONDON — Electronic component distributor, TDC, has added Wyless, an intelligent mobile data network operator, to its portfolio of wireless franchises.

TDC supplies through Wyless a manageable GPRS service providing a fixed TCP/IP address. TDC provides a SIM for which a low monthly fee is paid, Wyless then charges for data that is transferred. 

Wyless provide the same two way connectivity between remote M2M data services as between mobile phones, with the same ease of access and communication.

The Wyless service for M2M applications includes high speed, secure data transfer (includes email and internet browsing) from anywhere inside a GSM/GPRS footprint and also global coverage at standardised tariffs.

It also provides network management by individual SIM and real time data from remote devices transmitted quickly and securely to management systems from any embedded wireless device.

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