GPS frequency and timing modules kick off series -

GPS frequency and timing modules kick off series


Bliley Technologies Inc. has developed two GPS frequency and timing modules – the GMX1001 and GMM1002 GPS, the first in a new series of products.

The Bliley GMX1001 GPS module is customizable for high performance systems, allowing design engineers to specify frequency versus temperature stability and holdover stability with time.

The GMX1001 has different oscillator choices for design flexibility and is suitable for applications such as satellite, test & measurement equipment, frequency distribution systems and wireless base stations.

Both modules provide 10MHz and 1pps and have outputs synchronized to GPS. They have 3.3VDC and 5VDC supply options and a UART port with NMEA protocol for monitoring.

The lower cost GMX1002 is configured with two external references and is suitable for WiMAX and LTE wireless systems.

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