GPS modulde works from low signal strength -

GPS modulde works from low signal strength


London, UK – A low signal strength (LSS) GPS module has been developed by QinetiQ and will be available to customers and development partners by the end of 2003.

The module enables satellite tracking in extremely low signal environments, providing robust positioning solutions within buildings, in urban canyons and under dense foliage.

The LSS GPS module is at the centre of QinetiQ's development of a positioning integration platform.

Ian Pirie, director of GPS Telematics at QinetiQ, said, “With over 100 GPS experts and 20 years dedicated research and development experience, QinetiQ is uniquely placed at the forefront of this market.”

The technology should be of use in new customer applications such as improved customer service by using a dispatch system within the taxi industry that uses GPS information to automatically assign the closest vehicle to a customer request

It could also be used to support ambulances and other service fleets to take the shortest route between two locations, cutting fuel costs and imrpoving service.

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