GrammaTech integrates static analysis engine Julia into CodeSonar

Software teams that build safety and security critical systems using Java, C#, or Android can now benefit from high recall, high precision, advanced static analysis. GrammaTech announces support for these platforms thanks to the integration of the advanced static analysis engine Julia from JuliaSoft into GrammaTech CodeSonar.

Today's software projects are utilizing more and more languages. An IOT device may use C/C++ for the safety critical programmable logic control, while it uses Java to provide a flexible user interface. A medical device may use C inside a pacemaker or an infusion pump, but use C# or Android to provide a familiar user interface to end-users on top of mobile devices.

Integrating Julia into CodeSonar provides high recall, high precision, advanced static analysis of multiple languages into a single user interface complete with team collaboration and visualization tools, making it easy for software development teams to deliver better software faster all the while reducing cyber security risk. When implemented early in the software development lifecycle (SDLC), CodeSonar can save teams time, money, and reputation by finding more bugs in the source code early.

In addition to JuliaSoft's language support set to go live in Q4 2018, CodeSonar supports C/C++, as well as x86, x64, and ARM machine code.

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