Grant boosts RFID development -

Grant boosts RFID development

Richmond, UK — ITPCO has won a £20,000 Smart Micro project award, (now renamed Research & Development grants), from the Department of Trade and Industry's Small Business Service (SBS) to expand its work on the development of an electronic tag that uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for packages in warehouses.

The Grant for Research and Development is designed to help individuals and small and medium-sized businesses research and develop technologically innovative products and processes.

It is a development of the Smart scheme and provides support for different types and sizes of project with grants from £20,000 to £500,000 available.

Also available is the Grant for Investigating an Innovative Idea for businesses who have an idea to develop an innovative product, process or service, but are not sure whether they are ready to take it forward successfully. The grant will reimburse some of the costs of consultants chosen to provide expert advice on identified 'barriers' to the successful implementation of the idea.

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