Grant funds ASIC pin driver development for ATE -

Grant funds ASIC pin driver development for ATE

EDINBURGH, Scotland — Acuid has been awarded a second funding grant from the Scottish Executive. Under the SPUR PLUS scheme up to £500,000 ($800,000) will be provided to the automatic test equipment company to develop a high speed pin driver ASIC that will extend the test performance of its bT144 ATE system up to 2.667Gbps, enabling coverage of the existing, DDR 1 and DDR 2 technology and the impending DDR 3 format.

Companies applying for SPUR PLUS grants undergo intense scrutiny and not only need to prove to be highly innovative but also that the possible commercial returns on the development are substantial.

Hans Rohrer, CEO of Acuid, said, “This grant from the Scottish Executive gives further endorsement of Acuid’s high speed developments. This combined with the world wide interest in our technology, reinforced by the recent selection of the bT144 by Infineon for its Engineering Test requirements proves that Acuid’s ATE products are what the industry needs.”

The ASIC pin driver is expected to be completed in 2 stages with 1.333Gbps test speeds available in 2005 and 2.666Gbps available in 2006.

The bT144 is a memory test system designed to test high speed memory technologies such as DDR 2, DDR 3, and other high speed memory technologies. The pin driver functionality of ATE is the interface between the tester and the device under test (DUT), whereby the pin driver applies programmed stimulus to the DUT and a response from the DUT is monitored/measured and compared against expected data and used to confirm whether the DUT is operating correctly.

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