Graphical programming tool spins code for audio-over-Ethernet chips -

Graphical programming tool spins code for audio-over-Ethernet chips

New York—A graphical programming tool for Cirrus Logic Inc.’s CS4961xx family of audio system processors, DSP Conductor aims to speed the task of building systems for distributing digital audio over an Ethernet LAN. Toward that end, DSP Conductor melds preformulated drag-and-drop audio-algorithm building blocks and the ability to tune a system in real time.

Through its graphical user interface, DSP Conductor lets you build cost-effective, comprehensive, complex audio processing systems with a few clicks of a mouse and without having to write code. The building blocks, called elements, include industry standard and specialized audio algorithms.

DSP Conductor’s targets, members of the CS4961xx family of audio system processors, combine digital audio processing functions with Cirrus Logic’s CobraNet digital audio network technology for distributing high-quality uncompressed audio over Ethernet.

The CS4961xx processor family presently consists of the two-channel CS496102, eight-channel CS496112, and 16-channel CS496122. Each embeds a 32-bit, 120-MIPS DSP optimized for processing audio alongside a CobraNet communications processor. The DSP enables such features as feedback extermination, noise masking, ambient level sensing, and multichannel surround sound.

DSP Conductor is available at no charge to customers who purchase CS4961xx audio system ICs. In quantities of 10,000, the CS496102 sells for $18 each; the CS496112 for $21.60 each; and CS496122 for $22.26.

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