Green Hills: INTEGRITY-178 tuMP certified as conforming to FACE standard -

Green Hills: INTEGRITY-178 tuMP certified as conforming to FACE standard

Green Hills Software has successfully completed the FACE verification process for the Intel version of its INTEGRITY-178 Time-Variant Unified Multi Processing (tuMP) operating system. CERTON, a Cyient Company and independent FACE Consortium approved Verification Authority, has officially verified conformance with the Technical Standard for Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) edition 2.1.1, making Green Hills Software the only supplier with a FACE-conformant operating system for Intel architectures. The FACE Registry’s inclusion of a UoC for the Intel version of INTEGRITY-178 tuMP demonstrates full completion of the FACE conformance activities for this Green Hills Software product. Green Hills Software has now completed the FACE 2.1.1 conformance requirements for its INTEGRITY-178 tuMP operating system for three different multicore architectures, or Units of Conformance: Armv8, PowerPC/QorIQ and now Intel. In addition, each INTEGRITY-178 tuMP UoC has been verified against both the Safety Base and Security Profiles with each profile including verification for C, C++ and Ada support.

Green Hills Software is now the only true multicore operating system, for any of the major embedded processor architectures that is conformant to the FACE Technical Standard. INTEGRITY-178 tuMP is also the only multicore operating system that meets the ARINC-653 standard’s requirement for multicore operation as defined in Supplement 4 for the ARINC-653 standard: “Multiple processes within a partition scheduled to execute concurrently on different processor cores,” and also supports “Multiple partitions scheduled to execute concurrently on different processor cores.”

INTEGRITY-178 tuMP is the only RTCA/DO-178B DAL-A and CAST-32A compliant operating system that provides the ability for system architects to safely and securely combine both SMP and AMP Level A applications in a partitioned scheduled operating environment on a single multicore SoC, thus enabling maximum throughput by way of highly optimised core utilization. The INTEGRITY-178 tuMP operating system has successfully met the DO-178 DAL A certification objectives on several different multicore SoC types, with each SoC containing a different core architecture. INTEGRITY-178 tuMP is the worldwide high-assurance operating system leader when it comes to delivering the most efficient and optimal core utilisation for today’s advanced 32-bit and 64-bit multicore architectures. INTEGRITY-178 tuMP is the industry leader in enabling optimal SWaP reduction for today’s critical airborne systems. INTEGRITY-178 tuMP, the world’s most advanced and trusted high-assurance multicore operating system, is available for Intel, Arm and Power Architectures.

With the successful completion of its FACE 2.1.1 conformance objectives, Green Hills Software is now prepared for the FACE Technical Standard 3.0 conformance requirements as its INTEGRITY-178 tuMP is fully aligned with the FACE 3.0 Technical Standard. FACE 3.0 requires compliance with Supplement 4 of the ARINC-653 standard, including the multicore operation requirements defined in Section 2.

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