Green Hills’ major upgrade INTEGRITY 11 supports next-gen embedded systems -

Green Hills’ major upgrade INTEGRITY 11 supports next-gen embedded systems


Green Hills Software has announced a major new release of its flagship INTEGRITY real-time operating system. INTEGRITY 11 includes an array of technological advancements addressing security, reliability, performance, communication, and usability requirements in next-generation embedded systems.

INTEGRITY 11 provides a new, highly optimized communications mechanism called GIPC (Green Hills IPC). GIPC is five times faster than Linux AF_LOCAL sockets. Native INTEGRITY, as well as Linux processes executing in virtual machines, can take advantage of the super fast GIPC. Together with its support for POSIX APIs and higher-level middleware such as DDS and CORBA, INTEGRITY is designed to provide a wide variety of high performance communications mechanisms for developers. The INTEGRITY 11 network stack includes support for additional RFCs and capabilities, such as ECMP (Equal Cost Multi-Path) routing.

When integrated with MULTI 6 – Green Hills’ integrated development environment – INTEGRITY 11 takes advantage of faster build speeds plus improvements in code size and speed delivered by the Green Hills compiler. 

INTEGRITY 11 includes new resource management middleware, enabling developers to partition system resources across security domains while providing a flexible API for the dynamic allocation of those resources within each domain. Resource managers can be instantiated in simple groups or hierarchically.

Developers will see a streamlined distribution directory structure and simplified configuration for board support packages (BSPs) and device drivers.

INTEGRITY 11 is available now.

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