Green Hills makes its RTOS more GUI friendly -

Green Hills makes its RTOS more GUI friendly

Green Hills Software has just made available a version of Altia’s user interface design and development tools, as well as a GUI code generator for use with its INTEGRITY real-time operating system and virtualization platform.

According to Dan Mender, vice president, business development, Green Hills Software, the move was driven by he demand of automotive OEMs and Tier 1s, for such capabilities. The combination, he said, makes possible the consolidation of real-time graphical clusters with Linux or Android-based head units on a single automotive applications processor by guaranteeing the separation and isolation between the head unit and cluster.

The combination is targeted at developers in the automotive, industrial, home automation, medical, consumer electronics and defense industries.

According to Jason Williamson, vice president, marketing, Altia, the company’s user interface development tool chain allows developers to build user interface models from scratch or import artists' assets from industry-standard design programs like Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Visio to create a completely custom graphical user interface.

The Altia GUI can be connected to a variety of simulation tools or to C-code to create a complex, user-driven model. This model can be used for management reviews and user testing, thus eliminating the need for costly hardware mock-ups.

Once validated and approved, developers generate graphics code for their model using Altia’s DeepScreen.

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