Green Hills releases Integrity Multivisor v.4 -

Green Hills releases Integrity Multivisor v.4

Green Hills Software has announced a major release of its Integrity Multivisor for Trusted Mobile Devices. Integrity Multivisor is built upon security certified separation kernel technology that provides highly assured isolation between personas while also providing a native open standard execution environment for security-critical tasks.

Key capabilities of Multivisor v4 for Mobile include:

  • Hardware accelerated 3D graphics concurrently shared between all Android personas
  • Virtual Self-Encrypting Drive (vSED) for hypervisor-protected user authentication and data-at-rest protection
  • VPN for hypervisor-protected data-in-transit protection
  • Green Hills Software’s FIPS 140-2 and NSA Suite B cryptographic library
  • Hardware enabled virtualization using ARM Virtualization Extensions (ARM VE)
  • Multicore SMP support
  • Complete suite of virtualized and securely shared I/O, including Bluetooth, USB, cellular voice and data, audio, hardware-accelerated graphics, touch screen/buttons, Wi-Fi, sensors, and GPS
  • Secure boot
  • Virtualization supports the latest Android Jelly Bean versions

In addition to the isolation provided by its separation kernel, built-in security components of Integrity Multivisor render common attacks impossible, including the theft of encryption keys, key logging, and screen scraping. Yet, the security capabilities execute without the knowledge of the virtualized Android guest operating systems and without impacting user experience.

Integrity Multivisor for Trusted Mobile Devices Version 4 is available today.

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