Green Hills releases nextgen smart energy platform -

Green Hills releases nextgen smart energy platform

Santa Barbara, Ca. – Green Hills Software has just introduced its Next Generation Platform for Smart Energy, the core of which is designed to provide a robust and expandable end-to-end solution for intelligent electronic device development and deployment.

It includes optimized software development tools, middleware, hardware trace probes, and the company’s several real-time operating systems and extended it with a number of key enabling security technologies, uniquely providing the core technologies required to develop, deliver, and maintain secure, resilient, smart grid devices.

The platform includes a full suite of ISS Security Toolkits for ISS SSL/SSH/IPsec/IKEv2, Secure Loader, ISS FIPS-Compliant Suite B Cryptographic tools, ISS Device Lifecycle Management and Icon Labs’ Floodgate Packet Filter embedded firewall technology

Building on the Platform for Smart Energy, ISS Device Lifecycle Management (DLM) is a complete embedded device lifecycle management system specifically designed to help device manufacturers monetize, manage, and protect their intellectual property.

The ISS DLM system is a comprehensive environment that protects IP as well as the integrity of devices and data throughout the lifecycle, from design and manufacturing through deployment and remote maintenance.

In addition, the DLM system enables secure remote management, control, and configuration of all the devices in the field used to deliver the service.

This allows the service provider to customize the capabilities of the system and adjust the revenue model accordingly. From the component supplier perspective, the DLM system can be used in a similar fashion to efficiently manage, track, and control the manufacturing process of the components themselves. Likewise, customer data is secured by using devices pre-vetted and authenticated by only the DLM system.

With this release, the Platform for Smart Energy adds another layer of security to embedded devices, providing Floodgate designed to allow networked devices to control the packets they process, protecting these devices against potentially malicious attacks. To learn more, go to  or

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