Green Hills Software announces mobile multivisor product -

Green Hills Software announces mobile multivisor product


Green Hills Software recently announced the Integrity Multivisor, a multicore hypervisor for ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore processors. The hypervisor is built on the company's Integrity real-time perating system (RTOS).

The Integrity Multivisor unlocks the performance potential of multicore designs, reduces OEM costs through processor consolidation, increases battery life by facilitating intelligent multicore power management, enables new usage models such as dual operating system personalities on a single device, and reduces cost and time-to-market for platform suppliers and OEMs by reusing proven versions of multimedia operating systems, such as Android and Linux.

The hypervisor is a member of the family of Integrity Secure Virtualization (ISV) solutions. ISV solutions offer several approaches to virtualization in ARM-powered devices. They can use paravirtualization to host Android and other guest operating systems. Alternatively, ISV can host unmodified guest operating systems (“full” virtualization) by using advanced software virtualization techniques as well as hardware acceleration when available. In addition to virtualization, ISV can optionally be used as a secure execution mode for ARM TrustZone technology-enabled processors. Security-critical applications such as cryptographic algorithms and protocols used for DRM, critical financial transactions, and firmware authentication are isolated from the primary user environment by a combination of TrustZone hardware and Integrity software partitioning. ISV provides an efficient API for strictly controlled access to TrustZone security services.

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