Green Hills Software supports Multi-core MIPS64 processors -

Green Hills Software supports Multi-core MIPS64 processors


Santa Barbara, Calif. — Green Hills Software, Inc. has announced that its complete product suite supports Cavium Networks' OCTEON Multi-core MIPS64 processorfamily. This support includes the MULTI integrated development environment,TimeMachine tool suite, Green Hills compilers, DoubleCheck static analysis tools, u-velOSity real-time operating system and Green Hills Probe.

The Green Hills tools and operating system portfolio targets network equipment providers for their networking, security, control plane, wireless, storage and broadband gateway applications. This portfolio includes the MULTI integrated development environment for multi-core development and debugging, the TimeMachine tool suite to help embedded software developers fix software flaws, and the DoubleCheck static analysis tool, which is integrated with the MULTI development. It also includes C/C++compilers for the OCTEON MIPS64 core, the recently introduced u-velOSity real-time operating system, and Green Hills Probe for multi-core debugging using the OCTEON EJTAG port.

Availability: The Green Hills Software solution for the CN38xx and CN58xx processors is available now.

Product information: MULTI integrated development environment, TimeMachine suite, Green Hills Probe, u-VelOSity, and Tools for MIPS-based products

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