Green Hills targets industrial apps with safety-certified RTOS, tools -

Green Hills targets industrial apps with safety-certified RTOS, tools

San Diego, Ca. – Pushing hard to position itself as the safety-critical software vendor of choice in market areas such as industrial control, Green Hills Software, Inc., has just released its Platform for Industrial Safety.

It is being targeted at key industrial applications such as process controllers, programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and flame, gas and temperature sensors.

A software development and deployment platform for safety-critical industrial devices, it includes:
(1) the new, royalty-free INTEGRITY 61508 Real-Time Operating System (RTOS), which is in the final stages of certification by TV to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard 61508 at Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL3);
(2) the MULTI development environment;
(3) a full set of safety documentation, which is required for certification of the final device; and
(4) optional middleware, INTEGRITY-61508 source code, certification evidence and services.

According to Dan O’Dowd, Green Hills CEO, INTEGRITY-61508 is the first RTOS that provides complete support for multiple levels of IEC 61508 functional safety running concurrently on a single microprocessor.

“In the past, manufacturers had to certify all software running on a processor to the most stringent safety level required by any component,” he said. “So, ‘federated’ distributed systems had to be deployed to physically separate software at different functional safety levels. “

In its safety-critical implementation of its RTOS, O’Dowd said, safety-related operations can be partition on the basis of their criticality. Each partition can then be certified at its appropriate Safety Integrity Level, eliminating the need for separate physical systems or to certify code beyond the required safety level.

IEC 61508 is an international standard for the functional safety of electronic systems. Well established in the industrial process control and automation industry, IEC 61508 is gaining a foothold in the automotive, heavy machinery, mining and other applications where safety and reliability are paramount. Meeting IEC 61508 requirements involves a systematic development process, emphasizing requirements traceability, criticality analysis and validation. The SIL3 rating is considered the highest level of risk reduction achievable using a single processor.

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