Green Hills upgrades compiler suite -

Green Hills upgrades compiler suite


Santa Barbara, Calif. — Green Hills Software, Inc. has released its next-generation MULTI version 5.0 compiler with significant code density and speed improvements over previous generations.

The updated MULTI 5.0 compiler is said to deliver a 14% performance improvement in the EEMBC Telecom benchmark. EEMBC is an independent consortium of microprocessor manufacturers that independently certifies compiler benchmark scores on all the leading embedded processors used today.

In the area of optimization, the Green Hills compilers are able to examine the entire application program in order to locate optimization opportunities in comparison to traditional compilers that process one source code file at a time. The new compiler also provides enhanced support for profile-driven optimization and offers several new C++ optimizations including enhancements in the efficiency of exception handling and code density improvements in programs that make heavy use of virtual methods, said the company. It also features new optimizations for specific microprocessor families including Power Architecture, ARM, MIPS, V850, ColdFire, Intel IA-32, and Blackfin.

In addition, the Green Hills compilers deliver about a 30 to 80 percent decrease in compilation time for a full project build, said the company. As one of the first compilers for embedded systems to achieve 100 percent conformance to ANSI/ISO standards for C and C++, the new compiler supports the latest C99 specification and the latest MISRA C standard.

Availability: Green Hills compilers for C, C++, and Ada are available now.
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