Green Hills uses Icon Labs tool for embedded firewall -

Green Hills uses Icon Labs tool for embedded firewall

The combination of Icon Labs’ Floodgate Packet Filter and Green Hills Platform for Secure Networking enables the efficient extension of networked products layer 3 protections from Internet-based attacks.

Researchers from Columbia University’s Intrusion Detection Systems Lab  have established a global average vulnerability rate for devices such as home routers, cable modems, and webcams, of 41.62 percent compared to 2.46 percent for enterprise devices.

As network connectivity in embedded devices becomes commonplace the importance of protecting these devices from Internet-based threats is growing.

“We are partnering with Icon Labs because their Floodgate technology provides a drop-in embedded firewall solution for our INTEGRITY real-time operating system, the foundation for our Platform for Secure Networking,” said Dan Mender, vice president of business development, Green Hills Software (Santa Barbara, Calif.).

Alan Grau, CEO of Icon Labs (West Des Moines, Iowa) added, “Increasingly, embedded devices are subject to the same threats as PCs in corporate and home environments. By adding Icon Labs’ Floodgate firewall to your INTEGRITY-based network connected devices, Green Hills’ customers can deliver the utmost threat protection for the anticipated threats the Internet will deliver.”

Floodgate Packet Filter
  can be integrated into a variety of network-enabled device designs to provide protection against the ever-growing number of Internet-based attacks. Threshold-based filtering protects against denial of service attacks, broadcast storms and other conditions that result in a flood of unwanted packets. Rules-based filtering allows white-listing and black-listing based on criteria such as port number, protocol or source IP address and Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) provides dynamic packet filtering based on the state of a connection.

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