GreenPeak's ZigBee PRO GP490 enables 10-year battery life -

GreenPeak’s ZigBee PRO GP490 enables 10-year battery life

The GP490 from GreenPeak Technologies is a low cost, ultra-low power ZigBee PRO communication controller. The GP490 has been specifically developed to address the Smart Home market demand for low power sensor applications such as door, window, and temperature sensors and light switches. Low power, low data rate Smart Home applications equipped with the energy-optimized GP490 will be able to operate on a coin cell battery for over 10 years, eliminating the maintenance problem of frequent battery replacement.

The GP490 is designed as a Low Power ZigBee PRO chip and supports all features including bi-directional commissioning, bi-directional communication, and full security mode. The low cost GP490 enables developers and manufacturers to supply ZigBee Smart Home sensor solutions that can be offered as low as $5 each.

The GP490 development kit with reference design and software is available and allows a quick time to market. Certification guidelines and tools are provided to ensure an efficient ZigBee certification for a cost optimized feature set of the ZigBee Home Automation (HA 1.2) Application Profile.

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