Gresham Power unveils global power solutions from Coolisys at Electronics 2018 -

Gresham Power unveils global power solutions from Coolisys at Electronics 2018

Gresham Power Electronics will introduce the full range of global power solutions available from the Coolisys Technologies Group at Electronica 2018. Coolisys, the recently formed power, defence and aerospace systems provider, which now includes Gresham Power, offers worldwide design and manufacture of power conversion and distribution systems merged into a synergistic “one-company” approach combining the strengths of their various divisions to provide comprehensive solutions that meet the evolving requirements of customers in markets they serve. Coolisys is dedicated to providing world-class technology-based solutions for mission critical applications and lifesaving services in which innovation is the main driver.

In addition to the renowned Naval Power Systems and application specific power supplies Gresham have been providing for some 60 years, products form the following Coolisys group companies will be on display dgital power flexible and configurable low profile ultra-density power supplies for industrial and medical systems, power-plus added value power supply solutions, Enertec test engineering and military systems and Supercrypto mining computing resources for Blockchain mining solutions.

Gresham Power offers industrial, medical, CompactPCI, rail, transportation, test and laboratory power solutions from world-class manufacturers. The present market leading and cost competitive open frame power supplies, modular configurable and encapsulated power supplies, programmable power supplies, electronic loads and DC:DC converters are being rapidly expanded by leveraging the access to products of their new Coolisys Power Solutions Group partners.

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