Growth to continue for CompactPCI -

Growth to continue for CompactPCI


Wellingbrough, UK — Over 40% of European companies that purchase embedded computer boards expect their consumption of CompactPCI designs to increase, even as newer board technologies become available.

A survey carried out by IMS Research found that 42.9% expect to use CompactPCI boards in their systems by 2006, slightly more than the 39.3% that currently use them. This suggests that companies will still require CompactPCI even as the new PICMG AdvancedTCA specification becomes more widely accepted.

With the downturn of telecoms market in recent years, the suppliers of CompactPCI solutions had to find other applications to maintain sales and retain market share. Some suppliers gained sales in to the industrial, transportation, traffic systems and military sectors and this business has helped to partially off-set the collapse of sales to the telecoms sector.

IMS Research forecasts that further penetration into these new applications combined with increasing business from the slowly recovering telecoms industry will cause the CompactPCI market to experience strong growth over the coming years with a CAGR of 9.7% during the period 2002 to 2007.

Tim Dawson, the analyst at IMS Research who authored the report, said, “Although AdvancedTCA solutions are not only designed for telecoms applications, it is believed this is the area where these solutions will be initially most widely accepted. This means growth of the CompactPCI market looks set to continue as CompactPCI solutions are further used in new applications which might not necessarily require the new advancements provided by the AdvancedTCA specification, such as more board space and support for higher power boards.”

The research is based on information from 40 suppliers of boards and over 140 purchasers in Europe.

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