GUI eases JTAG/boundary scan project development -

GUI eases JTAG/boundary scan project development

Cascon Mission Assist is graphical user interface for the Goepel System Cascon JTAG/boundary scan software platform.

It enables completely graphical project development based on predefined mission targets, while automating the context sensitive adaptation of all system tools and process controls. Intuitive system controls guide first-time users through the project development flow and improve productivity.

Cascon Mission Assist provides support for various access technologies, such as boundary scan, processor emulation test, chip-embedded instruments, in-system programming, and core-assisted programming based on a consistent software platform. This multidimensional instrumentation offers the benefit of optimized test coverage and throughput provided by a definition of mixed test and programming strategies.       

Mission Assist visualizes the entire project development workflow based on a selected mission target. This includes automated process scripting and complete management of centralized project data.

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The graphical project development based on Mission Assist is available with System Cascon version 4.6, which will start shipping at the end of November 2011 and will be available as a free update for users with a valid software maintenance agreement.

System Cascon currently includes 45 completely integrated tools for in-system programming (ISP), test, debugging, and design validation.

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