Guide gives pointers on using GTEM cells -

Guide gives pointers on using GTEM cells

London, UK — The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and York EMC Services (YES) have produced a guide on good practice techniques for EMC testing in Giga Transverse Electromagnetic Mode (GTEM) cells.

A GTEM cell is a closed metal box, shielded from ambient interference. The use of GTEM cells as an EMC test environment is included in the International Standard IEC 61000-4-20 as an alternative to an anechoic chamber.

GTEM cells are cheaper than anechoic chambers and open area test sites (OATS), and also require less space. NPL and YES have been operating GTEMs for over 7 years. Their guide should be of use both to companies already using GTEMs and those who are considering using them in the future. It offers practical advice, explanation of relevant standards and detailed experimental results.

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