Gumstix Arbor 43C has capacitive multi-touch capability -

Gumstix Arbor 43C has capacitive multi-touch capability

The Arbor 43C from Gumstix, Inc., is a multi-touch ready expansion board that is compatible with Newhaven Display International, Inc. displays, providing a capacitive touchscreen replacement for the resistive touchscreen Chestnut 43 expansion board.  Because Gumstix designed Arbor 43C using Geppetto, custom revisions can be ordered easily from the Gumstix online store.

The Arbor series of expansion boards adds support for screens from Newhaven Display to the Overo line.   The “43C” calls out a 4.3″ capacitive multi-touch LCD touchscreen, while the Arbor series offers Ethernet, stereo-out, mic-in, USB Host, and a 20-pin header breaking out GPIO and PWM lines. The addition of capacitive touchscreen support to the Overo family makes designing tiny, fully-functional devices even easier.

The Arbor 43C expansion board was designed using the Geppetto design-and­build system, which enables anyone to create custom Linux-­powered electronics. The Arbor 43C is compatible with all Overo-series COMs, including the new STORM-P variants. The packaged kit combining Arbor 43C with AirSTORM-P is available for $299 .  The Arbor 43C is available for $70 , and the Newhaven Display touchscreen is available for $58 at .  Volume discounts are available.

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