Gyro sensor offers 300 degrees-per-second angular rate measurement -

Gyro sensor offers 300 degrees-per-second angular rate measurement

Geneva, Switzerland — STMicroelectronics has added its first gyroscope to its MEMS product portfolio. The LISY300AL single-axis yaw gyroscope delivers angular rate sensing up to 300 degrees per second (full scale). This surface-mount MEMS device, housed in a 7 x 7 x 1.5-mm package, combines high sensitivity, an extended supply voltage range from 2.7 V to 3.6 V, and a selectable power-down mode. It also provides reduced standby power for applications such as game controllers, intuitive pointers, vehicle or personal navigation, and image stabilization.

Leveraging the company's MEMS expertise, combined with highly robust MEMS technology, the LISY300AL exhibits stable sensitivity and bias-voltage throughout variations in temperature and over the device's lifetime. The LISY300AL generates an absolute-rate output as an analog voltage.

Featuring a co-integrated low-pass filter and dedicated IC interface, the LISY300AL enables a compact, low-noise solution using minimal external components. High survivability of shock and vibration allows use in demanding environments including industrial and automotive systems. It also provides an embedded self-test function to ensure accuracy and reliability.

In addition to consumer and industrial applications, including gaming and smart user interfaces for advanced pointing devices, the LISY300AL can be used for tilting and angular motion detection in robotics and assisted-GPS navigation systems.

The 28-lead LGA device uses ST's ECOPACK packaging, which meets “green”criteria for RoHS compliance.

The LISY300AL was announced at Sensors Expo 2008, Rosemont, Ill., June 8-11.

Pricing: From $2.50.
Availability: Samples are available immediately, with production volumes scheduled for Q3 2008.
Product information: LISY300AL and gyroscopes

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