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Handheld cable and antenna analyzer cuts installation time


Electronica, Munich — The Rohde & Schwarz  ZVH portable cable and antenna analyzer is designed to ease the installation of antenna stations. Wizards help users measure antenna cables, filters and amplifiers.

The wizards enable users who have no experience with T&M equipment can, for example, check cable faults using the distance-to-fault (DTF) measurement or measure antenna matching and isolation.

Network operators can adapt the wizards in the lab to their individual test report formats and make them available to their service providers for use at the antenna site. Predefined test reports in various file formats make it easy to demonstrate that assignments were properly executed.

The R&S ZVH handheld analyzer has two frequency ranges, from 300 kHz to 3.6 GHz or 8 GHz. It has a dynamic range of 100 dB.  The built-in DC bias supplies power to active DUTs, such as amplifiers, at both test ports via the RF cable. This function is especially useful for tower-mounted amplifiers (TMA).

It weighs 3 kg  and measures 194 mm × 300 mm × 69 mm and conforms to protection class IP51 and feature splash-proof, dust-protected connectors.

When used with a directional power sensor, the analyzer can simultaneously measure antenna matching and transmitter output power up to 300 W.

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