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Handheld oscilloscope family expands to 5 GS/s

The THS3000 series of handheld oscilloscopes from Tektronix Inc. provide up to 200 MHz bandwidth and 5 GS/s sample rate.
With a weight of 4.8 lbs, seven hours of battery life and four isolated channels, the THS3000 series is built for use in demanding conditions. Models are available with either 100 MHz and 2.5 GS/s maximum sampling rate or 200 MHZ and 5 GS/s sample rate performance.  The 10,000 point record length per each of four channels enable the capture extensive signal information at high sample rates.
Each channel on a THS3000 oscilloscope is isolated from the chassis ground and from each other. The external USB inputs for data storage, instrument setups and PC communication are also isolated. This enables the user to safely make floating measurements for voltages up to 300 VRMS CAT III when using the included 10X probes or 1000 VRMS CAT II with optional probes. The instrument has 600 VRMS CAT III rated inputs (BNC to earth ground) for safe high voltage measurements.
With 21 automated measurements, the THS3000 has a built-in Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) function to provide insights into to the frequency spectrum of a signal, revealing signal interference, crosstalk, or switching noise
Each of the four input channels can be configured to match the probe type and attenuation ensuring correct measurements and cursor readings.
For initial setup or for situations where connections points are constantly changing, the THS3000 series has a single-button Autoset and Autorange features which can automatically set up the trigger system and adjust vertical and/or horizontal oscilloscope settings.
All models will include four 10X passive probes, 7 hour battery, a three-year warranty and OpenChoice desktop software. A travel kit with a hard-sided carrying case is optional.  Starting price is  $3,950 U.S. MSRP.



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