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Handheld spectrum analyzers updated for CDMA and LTE networks

The R&S FSH4 and R&S FSH8 handheld spectrum analyzers have been updated so they can be used for installing and servicing CDMA and LTE mobile radio networks.

The R&S FSH-K46 and R&S FSH-K46E software options provide the functions that service and installation technicians need to check the operationally relevant parameters of CDMA2000 base station signals.

The R&S FSH-K46 option measures the power, determines the ratio of peak power to average power, and displays characteristic parameters such as the power in both the pilot channel (F-PICH) and the synchronization channel (F-SYNC), the carrier frequency offset, composite EVM (error vector) and Rho.

The R&S FSH-K46E option has been designed for more in-depth analysis and can also perform code domain power measurements. These measurements provide the information needed for graphically displaying the power in all occupied and unoccupied channels, for example.

Additional measurement functions have been incorporated into the base unit, including the ability to measure spurious emissions that might interfere with the adjacent transmit signal.

Predefined masks for CDMA2000, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, WiMAX and LTE allow the user to measure the spectrum emission mask quickly, with minimum operating effort. The gated sweep function makes it possible to display pulsed signals in the spectrum.

An expanded demodulation bandwidth of 20 MHz make the R&S FSH4 and the R&S FSH8 analyzers safe investments for the installation and maintenance of LTE networks. Applications for LTE will soon become available, in addition to the applications for 1xEV-DO, 3GPP WCDMA and CDMA2000.

The analyzers are now being delivered with a 20 MHz demodulation bandwidth at no extra charge.

The handheld spectrum analyzers were first introduced in 2008.

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