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Hands-on seminar eases digital power design


LONDON — Intersil has recruited experts from Ericsson AB and JAS Technical Media to help them present a couple of one day hands-on technical seminars in Germany on digital power.

The seminars will take place in Stuttgart on Dec 8 and Munich on Dec 10 and are designed to enable engineers to progress from a basic understanding of digital power to real-world, hands-on configuration of their own digital power design using Intersil's Zilker Labs' technology.

The day-long session starts with an introduction to digital power during which Joshua Israelsohn, Founder, JAS Technical Media, will explain the basics of power trends that are making digital power the best answer for many applications.

Chris Young, senior manager, Digital Power Technology, at Intersil Zilker Labs, will then provide an in-depth insight into the many different strategies and techniques to implement a successful digital power design.

Andrzej Wojtasik, senior applications engineer, Ericsson AB, will discuss how their recent implementation reduced component count, simplified design, improved efficiency, added functionality, and accelerated the time-to-market.

The day concludes with a hands-on workshop during which attendees will use Intersil Zilker Labs' point-and-click firmware to configure their own digital power subsystem.

More information is available online.

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