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Handset integrates Wi-Fi/cellular

Code-named Falcon, this wireless VoIP/GSM phone was developed by BroadVoice and will ship in productin volumes this summer. The handset lets users take advantage of the company's unlimited VoIP calling plans using Wi-Fi networks. When the user is outside Wi-Fi coverage, the Falcon acts like a standard mobile phone using a separate account with a GSM service provider, such as Cingular, T-Mobile, O2, Orange, or Vodafone.

Once a customer buys a Falcon phone with BroadVoice service, they can select and activate a telephone number online and begin making and receiving VoIP calls over Wi-Fi immediately. As soon as the customer plugs in a standard SIMM card from any GSM900-, GSM1800-, or GSM1900-based cellular carrier with whom he has an account, he can place cellular calls without having to contact the cellular service provider. Calls are received on either the user's BroadVoice number, or the number assigned by his cellular carrier.

BroadVoice calling plans begin at $9.95 per month and include unlimited calling to the United States and up to 35 countries. Customers who make international calls from their cell phones can save money by placing calls through a Wi-Fi hot spot, instead of paying high cellular rates. Callers who have weak cellular coverage at home or at work can now enjoy excellent quality mobile phone service by using their Wi-Fi network to place VoIP calls instead of cellular. For additional information, visit www.broadvoice.com.

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