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Handset sensors produce print-quality images


The latest image sensors bring the image quality of the film industry to the mobile handset, according to its developers, Nethra Imaging. The programmable image processor family provides performance, flexibility, and low power, initially ytargeting the 3-Mpixel camera-phone market. According to Nethra, its solution outperforms DSPs and ASICs in handling multi-megapixel imaging and provides flexibility beyond the performance of ASICs. This means consumers will get higher resolution and longer battery life from their mobile handsets.

The NI-20×0 family embeds the software needed to tune the picture quality and system control in the embedded flash. Mobile handset OEMs can concentrate on developing a camera application that communicates with the camera sub-system over a simple I2 C interface. This development approach reduces time-to-market.

The system-on-chip includes an image processing engine, 32 kbytes of SRAM, 64 kbytes of embedded flash memory, an embedded ARM core, and SDRAM in an 8 mm2 chip-scale package with 1.0 to 1.2 mm mounted thickness. System peripherals include pulse-width modulators, general-purpose input-output devices, and serial peripheral interfaces. The NI-2080 and NI-2090 products have integrated SDRAM, and the NI-2070 supports external SDRAM. Samples are available now, with production quantities coming in the next few months. For more information, visit www.nethra.us.com.

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