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Hanley to chair Cavendish Kinetics board

CAMBRIDGE, England — Cavendish Kinetics, a developer of embedded non-volatile memory (NVM) technology, has appointed former Novellus president, Dr Peter Hanley, to chair its board of directors.

Dr Hanley, who holds a Ph.D. in applied physics, will retain a part time advisory role at Novellus as well as directorships of other semiconductor technology and MEMS technology companies. He joins the Cavendish board as the first wave of customer and partner negotiations are in full swing. Prior to Novellus Dr Hanley spent his earlier career at Applied Materials and at Varian Associates.

Dr Hanley said, “It is great to be involved with a MEMS technology with such potential. Overcoming the CMOS compatibility issues has given Cavendish Kinetics a real edge and I look forward to assisting the commercial adoption of Nanomech in embedded applications.”

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