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Hansatech to use XJTAG in test chain


LONDON — Contract electronics manufacturer, Hansatech, is to use boundary scan test solutions from XJTAG initially at its manufacturing facilities at King’s Lynn and Cambridge, and subsequently at its Poole facility and at its partner’s production site.

Hansatech says that for many board types, the XJTAG system will eradicate the need to build a dedicated in-circuit test (ICT) fixture and this will enable it to reduce non-recurring engineering (NRE) expenses by up to £10k per printed circuit board type. It manufactures a diverse product range which it believes around half can utilize XJTAG, either exclusively or in conjunction with functional, ICT or flying probe testing. These boards are typically high complexity, densely populatedcircuits with at least one JTAG device.

Tim Murrell, senior electronics engineer for Hansatech, “XJTAG represents the biggest single step in test diagnostics that I have seen in years. It is an extremely versatile and flexible boundary scan solution, which, unlike some JTAG test products, integrates seamlessly with other test equipment. Not only will it help to reduce our test NRE expenses but it will enable us to significantly improve our diagnosis times and test coverage on densely packed circuit boards which are increasingly populated with flip chips, ball grid array and chip scale devices.”

“Our OEM customers are becoming more JTAG-aware and have been impressed that XJTAG can be utilised at the design and prototyping stage and right through into production, field support and repair. Several customers already have their own XJTAG licence.

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