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Hansoft 6.6 sports collaborative reporting and shared reports

Hansoft 6.6 has been upgraded with features for improved collaborative reporting that allow users to share reports with hyperlinks and transfer ownership of shared reports. Hansoft is an integrated solution for agile and lean development, collaborative Gantt scheduling, real-time reporting, bug tracking / QA, workload coordination, portfolio and document management.

The tool is fast and easy to use. Hansoft 6.6 builds on principles of team empowerment, increased communication, transparency, and collaboration. Hansoft also includes an Asset Pipeline Editor to manage complex art creation flows, a Workflow Editor for testing, quality iteration and management sign-offs, as well as a flow-based Report Generator.

New features in Hansoft 6.6

  • The new collaborative reporting tool uses hyperlinks to share reports, making it easier to show reports to persons who don't use Hansoft.
  • Reports can be edited, displayed, or hidden directly from toolbar. Shared reports can be a collaborative effort.
  • Ownership of shared reports can be transferred.
  • Cumulative time column tracks total time spent on tasks.
  • Bugs can be committed to sprints by using fractional hours.
  • Work remaining acan be estimated in fractional hours.
  • Improved drag and drop functionality.
  • Multi select resources.
  • Retrieve information on deleted tasks with improved project history.
  • Chinese and Japanese date formats.

More info and screenshots can be found at: www.hansoft.se/new-hansoft-6-6.

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