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Happy New Year, 2003!


If you scored a sack full of electronic gadgets as gifts this holiday season, you may wonder how you'll be able to carry them all. Jack Ganssle thinks that convergence needs to take place in your pocket.

Those of you who are still looking for a little more of a technology fix and can be satisfied with software might want to take a look at the demo section where you can find downloadable demos of compilers, debuggers, GUI development tools — just about any tool you can think of for embedded systems development.

Maybe you're more in the mind to curl up with a good book before you head back to the office. For ideas about what to read, you can visit this virtual bookshelf and browse for hours for books about embedded systems development.

Above all, the staff of Embedded.com and Embedded Systems Programming wish you a happy, fulfilling, and prosperous new year.

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