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Hard disk team look to extend design-ins


London, UK — Toshiba Europe's Storage Device Division (SDD) has set up a Project Business (PJB) team to develop and supply specialist storage solutions. Customers will be targeted in the automotive, industrial, consumer information appliances, communications, entertainment and security market sectors

The European market strategy will see SDD collaborate with customers on design projects that will see specialist hard disk drives (HDDs) and optical disc drives (ODDs) deployed in a broad range of applications and products.

In most PJB applications specifications can include the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, low noise outputs, small form factor and ruggedness.

Toshiba SDD has been working with customers in new areas for a couple of years and Philip Walsh, European Sales Manager Project Business, Toshiba SDD Europe, said, “The Project Business team will become a substantial amount of our European revenue. This is our most significant new market initiative to date and we anticipate that it will grow to be as much as one third of all of our sales.”

The SSD develops DVD-R/RW, DVD-ROM and CD-RW/DVD-ROM combination optical disk drives and 1.8ins and 2.5ins hard disk drives. It is working on drives that will measure 0.8ins and will be suitable for use in mobile handheld devices.

Early development projects have been successfully completed with LaCie, KiSS Technology and Stonewood Electronics. LaCie's DataBank has been designed by the Porche Design agency and provides up to 20Gbytes of portable storage with both USB 2..0 and FireWire interfaces and is OS independent. KiSS has used the HDD in a network capable DVD player which is DivX certified. Stonewood's FlagStone HDD replacement is for use in laptops, desktops or servers and provides secure data with all the encryption being performed in hardware within the unit. All data including the OS is encrypted and the encryption key is never exposed to the host computer.

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