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Hardware-based trace tool fine tunes code performance, cache optimization


Houston, Texas — Texas Instruments has partnered with EWA Blackhawk to deliver the XDS560 Trace module; a non-intrusive, hardware-based trace tool for debugging the problems that arise in high-performance, real-time embedded applications, and for fine-tuning code performance and cache optimization of complex multi-channel applications. The XDS560 Trace module comprises the XDS560 high-speed USB emulator developed by Blackhawk, a division of EWA, and TI's trace module design with high-density (HD), 60-pin header connector.

The XDS560 trace module employs a circular buffer to build a history of application execution with a completely non-intrusive, real-time data capture. Time stamping and the ability to correlate data values to the processor's program counter enables a developer to step backwards through time to reconstruct errors. With the module, developers can non-intrusively capture every cycle count for every line of code, enabling them to first determine which function or block of code is performing poorly and then optimize overall operation.

The module utilizes a high-density header 60-pin connector, as well as compression technology, to increase the bandwidth available for capturing real-time data values. While requiring approximately the same board space as a standard JTAG connector and providing JTAG capabilities, the HD connector is also capable of interfacing directly to the integrated trace module on 17 of TI's currently available DSPs. The development tool includes TI's Trace pod and is compatible with the TMS320C6455 SRIO EVM, TMS320DM642 EVM and TMS320C6416T DSK.

Availability: Now
Pricing: $9,995 USD
More Information: www.ti.com/tracepr

Texas Instruments, 972-644-5580, www.ti.com

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