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Hardware/software combo lets developers evaluate their Linux platforms


The Open Firewall Pico and Open Firewall SOHO, developed by Yoggie Security Systems, are open hardware firewalls based on the company's popular Gatekeeper technology. The Open Firewall products are Linux-based miniature computers with a 520-MHz ARM CPU, 128 Mbytes of RAM, and 128 Mbytes of flash memory. Using these products, developers, security professionals, and hobbyists can experiment with Yoggie's own open-source hardware firewall. Yoggie will release the source code to its firewall products in a full developer SDK, as well as source code to most of the applications on its platform.

The Open Firewall Pico takes on the form factor of the Gatekeeper Pico, which is the size of a standard USB key. It lets developers test their own settings on a tiny, yet powerful Linux-based system. Hence, the open source and hobbyist coder community can try out their own scripts and experiment in real time on their own pocket version of a hardware firewall. The Open Firewall SOHO has two Ethernet ports, and no driver is needed as it can protect any type of platform.

Yoggie has also launched a developer community site to provide a forum for developers and enable new software, concepts, and scripts to be exchanged and discussed. It can be found at www.yoggie.com/developers.

Developers will be able to re-configure their hardware or modify the software installed with CLI (Command line interface) using standard SSH protocol. This means applications like PuTTY, or file-manager type applications such as WinSCP are supported.

Open Firewall Pico and Open Firewall SOHO are available now for $69 and $99, respectively. Introductory discounts are available on both products. Users will receive a full product suite consisting of a hardware firewall, developer SDK, full SSH access, and membership to the online Yoggie developer community. More information is available at www.yoggie.com.

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