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Hardware, software products enable remote users


Aruba Networks recently introduced new access points (APs) and a software update to its ArubaOS Mobility Software to enable the deployment of the company's Mobile Edge architecture. The architecture securely connects mobile workers to enterprise VoIP and data networks from any location. The APs extend the enterprise WLAN to remote locations, creating secure corporate hotspots that follow the user. New capabilities in ArubaOS 2.5 simplify the deployment of remote and branch office networks with unified security solutions for wired and wireless LANs.

The AP-65 is a portable enterprise AP allowing mobile users to create temporary corporate hotspots at any location with an available Internet-connected Ethernet port. The AP-41 is a low-cost enterprise AP designed that lets users extend a wireless LAN to a home office. Site-to-site VPN capabilities enable the use of Aruba mobility controllers in branch offices as the exclusive secure wired/wireless networking system. Finally, xSec is a Layer 2 security protocol for securing wired LAN communications. It delivers centralized 802.1x authentication and 256-bit AES encryption between wired desktop computers and the mobility controllers without requiring any LAN switch upgrades to 802.1x. This allows enterprises to non-disruptively introduce 802.1x-based security in their wired networks, leaving their existing network infrastructure and design untouched. xSec can also secure wireless LAN communications over legacy access points that don't support WPA2.

The AP-41 comes in at $195. The AP-65 is priced at $495. The xSec software module starts at $1000. More information is available at www.arubanetworks.com.

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