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HARDWARE TOOLS: Macraigor Systems brings debug support to MIPS32 24KE


ESC San Jose, Ca. ” Macraigor Systems, LLC announced here immediate On-Chip Debug Technology (OCDemon) support for the MIPS32 24KE, a high-performance RISC core family with DSP enhancements.

Engineers developing applications with OCDemon can now control and debug their hardware designs and application software without the use of other system resources such as UARTs, Ethernet channels or parallel ports. In addition to support from several debuggers,

Macraigor is offering full support for Eclipse Ganymede and a free port of the popular GNU toolset, including gcc, gas and gdb, at www.macraigor.com.

Macraigor's JTAG interface devices are immediately available for other MIPS technology-based processors such as the MIPS32 4K series and the MIPS64 5Kc. In addition to the full free GNU toolset, Macraigor offers a Flash Programmer application, board test software and other utilities all compatible with the MIPS family of processors.

“Processors are becoming more sophisticated with higher bus speeds and integrated peripherals,” said James MacGregor, Macraigor Systems' managing partner.

“Debugging via classic methods, such as In-Circuit Emulators and ROM monitors, does not hold up to the rigors of real-time system test and debug on these next-generation processors. As processors become more complex, on-chip debug resources have been added to aid hardware and software designers. The interface to these on-chip resources is where Macraigor Systems excels.”

Via a choice of communication channels, he said, a host debugger communicates with a Macraigor Systems' device and then to the target processor.

Since there is no need for any resident code, this debug method is available for hardware initialization and debug as well as Flash EEPROM programming, kernel, driver and application software debug. Macraigor Systems offers a host-based application that allows programming of Flash EEPROM via the JTAG connection.

OCDemon for the MIPS32 24KE is available immediately starting at $250 USD. The MIPS32 24KE port to the GNU toolset is being offered at no charge. www.macraigor.com

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