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HARDWARE TOOLS: Programmer handles eFuse on Jennic ZigBee modules


The JFP-201 programmer from LN Systems (Lincoln, UK), provides a hands-free method for in-circuit programming of Jennic JN51xx ZigBee/802.15.4 modules, without the use of additional jumpers or push-buttons on the target hardware.

Connection to the host PC is via USB, the accompanying Windows application supporting programming of firmware, MAC address and ZigBee license, and application data sectors (e.g. sector 3 on JN5139), and also allowing download to RAM for rapid development debugging.

A 10-pin connection to the target hardware allows the JFP-201 to control the full programming procedure and to optionally supply power (2.7-3.3V at up to 200mA). Adapters are available for use with Jennic evaluation kits and mezzanine boards.

The JFP-201 can also be used with target hardware which utilizes manual reset and 'programme mode' push buttons.

The unit can be used in both development and production environments, and, according to the company, is the only solution currently on the market with the ability to programme 'eFuse' memory. Programming of 'eFuse' memory on the JN5139/48, which allows the firmware to be encrypted and thus secured from intrusion or cloning (and also configures the JN5148 brown-out detector).

In a production environment the JFP-201 can be incorporated into a bed-of-nails test jig or handler interface. A dedicated production programming application allows the required programming steps and settings to be loaded from a pre-configured setup file and for the sequence to be initiated with a single click.

To further automate the process an additional interface allows external equipment to initiate the programming sequence, with the PC software operating in an unattended mode under the control of the JFP-201, thus reducing the amount of operator involvement required.

LN Systems

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