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HARDWARE TOOLS: Segger provides cut-price emulator for education


LONDON — Segger Microcontroller (Hilden, Germany) has developed the J-Link EDU emulator which is a standard J-Link ARM emulator wrapped in a new housing for educational use.

The J-Link EDU allows fast download into the internal flash of supported microcontrollers and the setting of breakpoints in flash memory. It is now available to educational institutions and private persons and students who want to educate themselves in programming and debugging of embedded systems.

The J-Link EDU is natively supported by IAR EWARM, KEIL Vision, Rowley Crossworks, and CodeSourcery G++. Via GDB-Server, the supported tool-chains also include Atollic TrueStudio, Yagarto, and other GDB based or compatible development environments.

The flash breakpoints option allows the user to set an unlimited number of breakpoints while debugging within a device's internal flash memory. This overcomes the hardware breakpoint limitations present in most common microcontrollers (2 on ARM7/9, 4 on Cortex-M0 and typically 6 on Cortex-M3).

“We are aware of the tight budgets students have available. Therefore the J-Link EDU now offers students and hobbyists the ability to explore the full feature set of the Segger J-Link at a much reduced price point,” said Dirk Akemann, marketing manager of Segger.

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