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HARDWARE TOOLS: VNC Viewer Plus provides remote access to the Core vPro processors


LONDON — RealVNC Ltd. (Cambridge, UK) has developed the VNC Viewer Plus which enables users to connect directly to KVM remote control functionality embedded in the latest Intel Core vPro processor family. With VNC Viewer Plus, IT or a service provider help desk no longer needs to rely on a functioning operating system and network drivers to take control of an affected user's PC.

It uses the Intel Core vPro processor's out-of band KVM access so that complex issues such as OS failures and boot problems can be diagnosed and addressed remotely.

Users are even able to remotely watch a full PC boot sequence, manipulate BIOS settings or re-install an operating system without the need to take a physical trip to the PC.

Energy savings and sustainability mean many users turn their PCs off before leaving work. This can make out-of-hours maintenance difficult and VNC Viewer Plus allows direct connection to PCs with the new 2010 Intel Core vPro processor family to remotely power up a machine to perform maintenance, and deploy time critical software patches.

In addition, PCs with the Intel Core vPro processor family allow remote hardware reset and IDE redirection, providing the ability to remotely boot from an image stored on a network share.

VNC Viewer Plus can also connect to VNC Servers from RealVNC's product suite, including VNC Enterprise Edition, VNC Personal Edition and VNC Free Edition. Protocol-compliant third party VNC projects may also accept an incoming connection from VNC Viewer Plus.

RealVNC Ltd.

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