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Harris gains $11 million radio order from Australian DoD


Harris Corp. has received an $11 million order from the Australia Department of Defence (DoD) for Falcon III tactical radios as part of a networked battlefield communications system in army vehicles.

Harris is supplying the Australian DoD with Falcon III RF-152(C) handheld radios along with RF-300M Trimline Vehicular Adapters for installation into a variety of army vehicles including army Bushmaster protected mobility vehicles. The Harris equipment provides interoperable tactical voice and data communications for both ground-to-ground and ground-to-air applications.

More than 150,000 units of the AN/PRC-152(C) JTRS-approved handheld radio are deployed worldwide.

The Falcon III RF-300M-TV Trimline Vehicular Amplifier (TVA) is a low-profile, single-channel power amplifier, with a single AN/PRC-152(C) serving as the dismountable handheld transceiver. The TVA is designed to fit into vehicles where space is at a premium.

It supplies 50 watts from 30 to 90 MHz, 20 watts 90 to 512 MHz, and 50 watts for satellite communications. Separate VHF, UHF, and SATCOM ports with automatic port switching allow users to switch between ground, ground-to-air, or SATCOM communications by simply selecting the required network on the radio.

Falcon III is the next generation of radios supporting the US military's Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) requirements, as well as network-centric operations worldwide.

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