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Hazardous waste free seminars


LONDON — Envirowise is running a series of free seminars to demonstrate to companies how they can reduce hazardous waste and save money.

The new hazardous waste regulations came into force in July this year, classifying additional wastes as hazardous and introducing new controls for their movement. As a result many businesses are now dealing with hazardous waste for the first time.

Dr Martin Gibson, Envirowise Programme Director, said, “Becoming informed about relevant waste legislation is a logical first step for those interested in making serious savings, learning ways to adapt and moving towards environmental best practice. Businesses should not miss this opportunity to get clear and concise guidance from experts in the field.”

Speakers will include representatives from the Environment Agency as well as Envirowise specialists, and the presentations will be followed by a question and answer session. Participants will also receive a free copy of Envirowise’s Good Practice Guide, Practical ways to manage and minimise hazardous waste, which explores a range of straightforward ways to improve resource efficiency and save money.

The Envirowise Hazardous Waste breakfast events will be held between 8:00am and 10:30am on November 3 at the Royal Clarence Hotel, Exeter; , November 9 at the Thistle Hotel, Middlesbrough; and November 15 at the Royal Moat House Hotel, Nottingham. Places at the events are limited and more information is available.

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