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HCC Embedded improves IoT data security and reliability

HCC Embedded has released a new Embedded Encryption Manager that allows developers to secure IoT systems using multiple encryption or hash algorithms through a uniform interface.

According to HCC Embedded Director of Marketing David Brook “Transmission and storage of embedded data should not open developers and their customers to vulnerabilities due to poor coding quality.”

To deal with such problems, he said the Encryption Manager uses a well-defined interface that shortens development time by allowing developers to simply drop-in the Manager and encrypt data stored on flash or transmitted across a network.

“Such security is necessary to block potential hackers looking for a backdoor into the microcontroller-based system,” said Brook.

Developed using a formal process, HCC Embedded Encryption Manager undergoes verification to ensure stability and enhanced integrity. It is delivered with a full MISRA compliance report and a test suite that includes 100% MC-DC coverage.

“This level of verifiable quality in the area of security and encryption stands in direct contrast with the widely used ‘code-then-test’ methods,” said Brook, “which have resulted in serious security breaches, such as Heartbleed.”

Using HCC’s Advanced Embedded Framework, he said the Encryption Manager is completely portable and algorithms are accessed by reference through the Manager, freeing the application of direct references to a particular algorithm.

The Encryption Manager can be used with HCC’s verifiable TLS or any other application requiring access to a suite of verifiable encryption algorithms including : AES, 3DES, DSS, EDH, MD5, RSA, SHA1, and SHA256.

The software includes hooks to allow hardware-specific optimization to be implemented where supported by the target controller along with the verification suite to ensure that the hardware optimizations are done correctly.

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